I often get asked “Antonio, how do I get rid of fear?”

And my answer is always…you can’t.

You can’t get rid of fear any more than you can get rid of love, but you can learn to move through it. Fear serves many purposes and the better you get over trying to get rid of it and learn to move through it, the more at peace you’ll be.

Now I’m not talking about rational fear where you may be in a life or death situation and need to think wisely. I’m talking about that internal fear, that voice in your head fear.


 Three tips to move past fear when it shows up in your life.

1. Don’t take it personally: Fear is just a feeling, and you can get past it. Don’t see it as you are weak or incapable of moving past it. Don’t own the fear but try to see yourself apart from the fear and realize this is just your mind creating an obstacle because you’re growing, trying something new, or stretching yourself to new limits.

2. Remember who you are: If you’re starting a new fitness program or maybe you just got hired for a new position or a diagnosis that seems terrifying… remember all the other times you’ve been scared, and remember how you’ve always found your way. You’re a powerful, amazing being and sometimes you simply need to remind yourself of what you can do.

3. Share your fears with someone you trust: 9 out of 10 times you will realize through the eyes of another, I can do this, I can move past this fear and if I can’t move past it, I will move THROUGH it.

Friend, I love reading your replies and hearing your thoughts.

How did this blog post help you? How do you personally move through fear?

I want you to know I believe in you and I’m excited for all the good things to come for you. I really mean that. Sending you all the good vibes today.

Love, light, and more life.


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