Psychology vs. Positive Psychology


I’d never heard of Positive Psychology until I attended Columbia University. I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered and I’ve been utilizing the tools of positive psychology ever since.


While psychology focuses mainly on identifying and treating those suffering from mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, positive psychology is totally different. Psychology focuses primarily on treatment. How do we help those that are suffering emotionally? Mentally?

No doubt throughout the world this has been and will always be needed. However, it doesn’t show the entire picture.  On the other side of grief, sadness, guilt, shame, and hurt….there is flourishing.


Positive psychology focuses on how as humans we can flourish and experience the greatest amount of happiness, peace, and life satisfaction.

Only officially around a little over 20 years, the research on positive psychology is astounding. This is truly amazing because for so long psychologists didn’t realize that not being sad didn’t
mean that their patients were happy. While both psychology and positive psychology are looking at
conditions of the mind, they have two very different objectives and both are necessary.

Did you know about positive psychology and the difference between the two?

I’ll be sharing tons of research and the latest on how to help you flourish and increase life satisfaction.


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