The Struggle

Hey, Friend!

Can you believe it?

We are already in February.

Does it feel like it’s happening fast? Like we were just starting out the year right?

How are you feeling? Before you answer…pause.

If you are doing great, that is amazing. If you feel like you are getting everything you want right now in life and you are on cloud 9 that is absolutely wonderful to know.

However, if you’re tired, exhausted, struggling, or even overwhelmed, I want you to know that is also ok.

Yes, it’s ok.

We often have this notion that because it’s the beginning of the year we should feel new and excited and ready to conquer everything.

But the truth is…

It’s ok if you don’t feel like that. It’s a lot of stuff going on in the world and in our lives.

What I’ve learned in life is that you’ve got to be ok with where you are as you are working toward where you are going because stressing out won’t help you get any closer to your goals, dreams, or a new reality.

You’ve got to give yourself grace. You deserve grace as you are figuring out YOUR journey.

And the truth is it won’t look like others. You aren’t like anyone else.

Don’t compare.

As you relax, be kinder to yourself, and KNOW that doing that is a strategy, you begin to feel a refreshing energy come over you.

Kindness to yourself allows you to gain a new perspective and it really shifts your entire experience as you are experiencing it.

I’m sending you positive energy and lots of love today and know I am always rooting for you.

We are in this together.

Peace and blessings.


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